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Got Tall Teens?

While teenagers often try to express their individuality through fashion, hobbies, and music, the truth is that they want to be accepted. No teen wants to be isolated from their peers or made fun of for being too different. Unfortunately, physical appearance can be one factor that has a big effect on a tall teen’s life.

Standing out can invite teasing and torment, and even the most well adjusted teen can suffer as a result. Being overweight or too scrawny can invite teasing, as can being the wrong build or height. In fact, tall teens can often struggle with their body image.

We’ve all heard the teasing afforded to tall people. Beanpole, giraffe, and so on. As cruel as it is, people like to point out others’ differences in order to make themselves feel better. Tall teens can often end up on the wrong side of this mockery.

Being tall can make it difficult to hide away, as much as they’d want to. Unfortunately, their height makes them an easy target. However, there are some things you can do to support your tall teen.

Ensure that your teen is able to dress in a way that makes them comfortable. Very tall teens may struggle to get clothes that fit, so take them shopping to stores that will stock clothes to fit. Dressing the way they want to can help improve the way your tall teen feels about their height.

In addition, don’t give too much emphasis to your teen’s height. If you’re tall yourself, there’s no doubt that you know it. While you should teach your teen to love their body and the benefits of their height, don’t focus on it too much. By constantly drawing attention to their height, you’ll only make them feel self-conscious and embarrassed.

While it seems obvious, one thing you can do is encourage your teen to participate in sports that celebrate height. Basketball is one of the first sports that comes to mind, but there are many sports where a taller teen will be able to excel.

Your teen will be able to see the different benefits related to  being tall. Not only that, but they will likely be around other teens of a similar height and build. This will help them feel more normal about their height, and more accepting of themselves.

If your child is very tall, there are medications that can be used to slow down growth. However, these should only be used as a last resort. If you do consider going down this path, it is essential that you discuss it in detail with your teen.

You must also take the time to have an in depth conference with your medical practitioner in order to cover any side effects that may result. Your teen may feel more comfortable with being tall than with dealing with potential side effects, so make sure to listen to their opinion.

It’s essential to encourage your teen and show that you love them for who they are. While a tall teen may seem a tad unusual, there are plenty of successful tall people in the world.