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Love Hate Sister Relationships

If you have a love hate relationship with your sister, you are not alone. For a lot of us, that is just how our sister relationships are.

Some sisters grow up to be close, but most have problems once in a while. These problems can be a normal part of growing up, but when these extend into adulthood, tattered and torn relationships can really have an impact on a life.

Sisters are often great sources of support and love when it feels that everything is going wrong, but you won't have that if you can not seem to get along. Try to see what you can do to repair your relationship so that you always have someone to turn to when life gets tough.

Sister relationships are usually more troublesome when sisters are close in age. They always feel as if they have to compete for the attention of their parents, and as hard as some parents try, one sister is usually favored over the other.

This can leave scars in sister relationships that can last a lifetime.

Sisters that are further apart in years may actually end up having better relations with each other and are more likely to maintain a loving relationship throughout life. If you are at odds when growing up, you can not assume that all is lost, you just have to work at it.

Parents are not the only ones that can compare and damage sister relationships.

Girls near each other in age may be compared by boys and men that they date. This can really put a hurting on the best sister relationship. Friends may compare them as well, without really understanding the damage they may be doing.

If the sisters have the same friends, or the same taste in guys, things can really go bad very easily. Maintaining separate friends and dating circles can be the best things that sisters can do.

If you feel that your sister relationships could use some work, think first about your own part in the problems. Like troubles in love relationships, there is never one person who is completely wrong and one who is completely right. Y

ou may have to let go of a few things that bother you, and then hope they can do the same. This is very hard, but once you start, you may find it is easier than you think.

Once you get go of old resentments, you can start to see your sister as the person that she is, not the rival you thought you had when you were growing up.

Never go longer than a few days after an argument without speaking with your sister.

Many sister relationships are damaged because of a disagreement that was left to simmer and get worse.

You do not have to say that you were wrong or anything like that, but you should make sure your sister knows you still want her in your life despite any disagreements you may have.

When things are really bad, and you just don't feel anything can help, consider individual therapy and then ask her to come along when your therapist thinks the time is right.

This is a safe place to work out issues, and a way to avoid them in the future. Many sister relationships are repaired and saved this way.