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Chores for Children: Why Kids Want to Do Chores

So it's Saturday – the day your children have agreed is their "do chores around the house" day. But it's well into the day already, and the way they appear surgically attached to YouTube, Facebook and the television at this moment, it doesn't look like your chores for children plan is a big hit.

Chores for children - washing dishes
Photo by Flickr three if by bike
It isn't just that they don't remember there are chores that they promised to take care of. It's also that they don't seem to notice that the toilet has become noticeably dirtier-looking, and there is dirt and dust everywhere.

How do you get them to pick up the list of chores for children that you've made up?

What you need is to try to help them see chores differently. They need to stop seeing them as horrible waste of time. They have to be able to just quickly ace them, because really, chores don't take that much time when you divide them all up among the household.

But more importantly, your children need to see that they actually want to do those chores. Child experts have a radical approach in the matter of planning for chores for children.

They feel that when you later children get by without any contribution to make, you aren't really doing them any favors. Instead, you're taking away from them the one way they have of feeling like a real part of the family.

According to the experts, a child needs to grow up feeling that what he does is needed by those around him. When he sees that, he feels important, and it helps his self-esteem. It makes him feel like he can do something that the world really cares about. He feels competent, he feels valued.

No matter how much you love your child, he will never feel as valued as he can, when he does something as simple as dusting and cleaning the entertainment unit. That's when he will believe that you love him.

In theory, all of this sounds fantastic, you're thinking. But does it really work out that way?

Here is a good way to see that it does. There's research that exists that looks at why young people drop out of college. When asked to guess at the reasons why young people might drop out of college, most people offer reasons such as money or family hardship. In truth, these are not the most common reasons.

Most teens who drop out, come from well-to-do families that completely take care of their college. They are pampered children who have to worry about nothing. And yet, they keep dropping out. Apparently, when a child doesn't invest much in life, he isn't that interested in life, either. This isn't what you want to give your child, is it?

Guaranteed Fun Activities for Children

Before my wife and I had our son, we had few ideas about what types of activities for children were popular or what children liked to do for fun. Now that we have two children, we have become experts of sorts on fun activities for children that they will enjoy and that do not cost a whole lot, either.

One of the best activities for children is kickball. The reason that I say this is because kickball is a game that can be played by both boys and girls, has a very low risk for serious injury and is something that, in my experience, children really enjoy doing.

My daughter and son both love to play kickball, and it is never hard to get a group of youngsters from our neighborhood together to get a game going.

As a matter of fact, whenever we have a neighborhood get-together at one of our local parks, the adults all cook out and the kids invariably get a kickball game going.

I think one of my favorite activities for children involve board games, and Clue in particular.

When I was growing up, this was my favorite board game of all, and I am always amazed at how the children react whenever I get this game out.

Everyone loves the idea of trying to figure out who the murderer is and in what room with which weapon. It gets their minds working and it inspires them to use their imaginations.

I know on one occasion following a Clue game, the kids decided to do their own version of in our house!

My wife always says that one of her favorite activities for children is hide and seek. I can certainly understand this, because it takes practically nothing to play the game besides an object to use as base, it gives young people the exercise they need and it also affords them the opportunity to try to outwit each other.

I have seen the children in our neighborhood get into some of the most interesting and imaginative hiding places one can think of and then run like their pants are on fire for the base, all the while laughing and having a good time.

Activities for children can be found all over the place if one is looking.

A lot of them are activities that we enjoyed as children and a lot of it comes down to listening to what they want. I have found that when I suggest something to my kids and their friends, they are almost always up for it and end up having a great time.

The Assessment of Children for Special Education

A good part of the assessment of children in special education programs is formal and standardized. There are formal tests that are used to help test and evaluate individual children. With children in special education programs, the testing needs to be constant – it needs to be an ongoing thing.

Other kinds evaluation exist too, that are sort of informal. Teachers use these for the ongoing assessment of their students so they can meet their Individual Education Program goals.

They assess the children they are charged with on schoolwork usually, handing out teacher prepared tests on different chapters.

The formal assessment of children in special education runs the gamut. There are all these highly specialized and well thought out tests.

Intelligence testing happens to be one of the more potent ones. The intelligence test happens to be one of the more important ones.

They do them one-on-one on individual children, and they use these to be able to single children out for admission to a gifted program. They do not include the intelligence quotient scores that these tests generate in the Evaluation Reports or in any other confidential student documents.

They typically use one of two kinds of achievements tests. The first test evaluates the entire class as a kind of group achievement test. There are also tests that they give to each student, one by one.

When it comes to testing large groups, they use the annual state assessments that is the same kind used by the No Child Left Behind program. They also use other tests like the Terra Nova and the Iowa Basics models.

Individualized achievement tests are standardized tests. The Woodcock Johnson test of student achievement, the Key Math 3 diagnostic assessment test and others were administered to students in one-on-one sessions.

But it is not all about tough achievement related tests. They also use tests in functional behavior. Any child with disabilities like autism needs to be assessed for the kind of specific area they have problems in.

The ABBLS (ssessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills)test is one of the better-known ones. The Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales would be another.

And finally, criterion based teacher created assessments can be invaluable for ongoing assessments. Teachers design these themselves to see if they are meeting their Individual Education Program goals. They carry out the assessment of children this way with picture and word cards, paper tests and so on.

Have We Created Spoiled Kids?

It seems as if we have created a serious situation that has spoiled kids who can't be happy and grateful about anything. We all want our kids to be happy and one way we show it is to buy our kids whatever they ask for. It used to be that you only had to worry about this over the holidays and birthdays. These days though, it's more or less like the holiday season the whole year around!

That's the problem with trying to buy happiness for your children. You send them on a never-ending slippery slope of expecting stuff to maintain their level of happiness. The end result is a child who is spoiled, ungrateful and quite insufferable.

Are you one of those parents who are caught up in a “more stuff equals more happiness”child raising policy of your own making? Well, amazingly, three out of four parents in America admit to doing this, especially over the holidays. Many of them will even wait in line at the Toys 'R' Us store at two in the morning to get some hot ticket toy for their child.

There are a few things you can do to change the way things are. A great way to start would be to introduce your child to the concept of “no” for at least one thing during the holidays or birthday or something.

Ease your child into accepting no for an answer one little step at a time, and you'll find that the whole thing helps you child grow. You also want to make sure that everyone involved is on board with your plan. Once you say 'no' though , you don't want your child go to grandpa for appeal. This kind of inconsistent parenting can really be bad for a situation with spoiled kids.

As much as your child loves receiving, wouldn't you love your child to learn the joy of giving? You need him to see how fortunate he is, and he should want to share some of the joy by giving what he has to a needy family. If your child is old enough to have an allowance or a gift of money, you need to train your child to share it with someone who needs it more than him.

There's more than one kind of giving. You don't always have to keep your child things. Well-deserved praise can also be a wonderful thing to give. And it can help your child see how doing the right thing can feel good just for the praise into that warm feeling inside. Teach your children to appreciate that kind of thing and it's unlikely you'll ever have a problem with spoiled kids.

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Need 6th Grade Science Experiments?

Are you a parent and you're worried about the 6th grade science experiments that your child has been assigned to think up for class the next day? Here's something that should help make your job easier and take the weight off your shoulders – teachers aren't expecting anything really original.

They are just looking for something average that's kind of practical and interesting. In other words, you could just look away all over the Internet and pick something up that sounds promising.

To many schools, sixth grade is a kind of a stage. That's when they begin with the science experiments and with science fairs. The great thing is, that they don't really push their students to be competitive at this stage. It's all supposed to be good, clean fun so that they don't scare the students off science too early.

What the judges at these fairs want to see is that a participant really likes what he's doing, is curious about it, sees it as a step forward, and sees that it's something of significance. In short, with 6th grade science experiments, the experiments are not as important in themselves as for how they help a judge see how involved a child is in the spirit of scientific inquiry.

For instance, here's a simple example of the kind of 6th grade science experiments they like, and allow. You'll see a lot of science experiments at science fairs that involve chicken eggs. A child can demonstrate all kinds of principles of physics with an egg. Why does a rotten egg float while a regular egg sinks? How salty does water have to be for an egg to float in it? You get the idea.

If the egg thing seems a bit overdone when it comes to 6th grade science experiments, there are all kinds of other things to try, too. A perfume box is a popular experiment.

This was actually described in the movie French Kiss with Kevin Kline and Meg Ryan. Kevin Kline describes how in school, he made a perfume box. He collected in a box a bunch of different kinds of scents – vanilla, grape, chocolate and so on. The aim of the experiment is to show that smells change how things taste.

Since smell and taste happen to be important parts of many experiments in physics, chemistry and biology, this could be great. The child asks a blindfolded volunteer to take a sip of juice while smelling different kinds of smells. The aim is to prove that things taste different when they smell different – even if they actually taste the same.

You might want to try this one for your child's next school science experiment.

These Disney DVD Movies Certain to Entertain Your Children

My wife and I are always looking for ways for our children to entertain themselves. We have found that Disney DVD movies are almost always a popular choice.

We like for them to go outside, and we certainly prefer for them to spend most of their free time outdoors, but there are those times when it is rainy, too hot or too cold, and they just want to watch some television or a movie.

When we first got married and realized we wanted to start a family, we decided to go out and buy a boat load of Disney DVD movies that we knew our children would like.

We bought such movies as “Beauty and the Beast,” “Lady and the Tramp” and many more that we both watched as children and absolutely loved.

We knew that we were playing it smart, because there is just something about Disney DVD movies that make you feel good inside.

As our children have grown up, we practically raised them on Disney DVD movies for a number of reasons. They are good, clean movies where you really don't have to worry about what they are picking up.

Also, almost all of those movies have great messages to them from which kids learn how to behave and how to treat other people. There are a lot worse ways that a child can spend his or her time.

Then there is the fact that most Disney DVD movies are entertaining. I know, personally, that I can still watch any number of Disney movies and find myself engaged.

Perhaps it is the fact that I grew up on them as well and I am just feeling nostalgic, but I think it's more because most of those movies have really good story lines that keep the viewer's interest.

I talked to my daughter the other day because I was trying to get an idea of a good movie for her and her friends to watch during a slumber party. I asked her if she could think about it for a while and get back to me, and before I could leave the room, she already had her answer.

She and her friends wanted to watch “The Little Mermaid,” because of all the Disney DVD movies we own, this is her absolute favorite. What I like the most about it is that she had already planned on asking me if they could watch the movie.

Disney DVD movies are a great source of entertainment for young people and adults alike. My wife and I will always have our movie collection stocked full of them and I hope my children follow suit.

Kids Toy Stores a Parent Trap?

What is it that you remember most about your Christmas shopping experience last year? If you spent a lot of time hanging around kids toy stores to buy stuff for your kids, standing in line could be your one outstanding memory.

When you go in on the last weekend before Christmas to shop for toys and the whole store seems like a heaving mass of humanity, how often wonder why no one can come in during a weekday? Does everyone have to come in on a weekend just like you?

There's a reason why everyone comes in during the weekend and not during the week. When it comes to toys that are in high demand, they just don't have them in stock during the week.

It's not that they are in short supply; the toy stores hide them in storage until the weekend comes. Why on earth would they do such a thing?

They feel that weekend shoppers have more money to spend and more time to look around. They are likely, they feel, to spend more money when they have more time.

They want the best toys out when people come with in with a lot of time on their hands. What other fast ones are the kids toy stores trying to pull on you? Read on.

Toymakers and kids toy stores have to advertise their products in a way that will reach your children. If you've been keeping your child away from unwholesome and repetitive TV and print advertising for toys, the toymakers know what you are doing. They advertise to your child through school.

Kids toy stores know also that when a kid walks into one of their stores, they need to take full advantage of their ability to throw tantrums. A child is the best sales rep that a toys store can have.

Right at the entrance to any major toy store, they'll have a huge attractive display to do with the latest movie that's doing the circuit - a Harry Potter movie, the latest Toy Story or Shrek movie, and so on.

These are toys that give the store a pretty generous margin. They want to tackle the child as soon as he gets into the store so that the entire time the kid is in the store with a parent, he'll be pestering the parent for what he just saw at the entrance.

How exactly do you decide on what toy to get your child - if your child is too young to be influenced by advertising? Of course, you look at some magazine list of what the hot toys are.

Did you ever think of how toys could be hot if they were really too new to have a real reputation, and if the children they were aimed at were too young to actually demand them?

Those lists are prepared by industry groups. They look at what movies are coming out, they ask the manufacturers about everything they have planned for the holidays, and make a list to serve the toy manufacturers.

Those lists have nothing to do with what will make your child happy. There are lots of toys that place themselves on those lists, and become popular just because they become popular.

Christmas Tree Coloring Pages to Grab Online

Here's one idea that you can use on those days where life is a little too jam-packed. All kids love coloring books and Christmas tree coloring pages are one of the apparent kid's favorites this year.

During the holiday season, while Mom is cooking, cleaning, decorating, shopping, doing the usual errands and whatever other preparations are necessary for the festive events, she has little time for much else.

If she's working, that just about takes care of all available time! When the kids are on the school vacation, it's hard to organize activities that keep them happy and occupied.

If you're a parent, you've surely got a bunch of crayons and markers lying around.

Some websites have coloring pages that can be colored online and then printed, while others can be simply printed out – all for free – to provide hours of fun for kids with too much time on their hands, freeing up Mom's time for her lengthy to-do list.

Along with the Christmas tree coloring pages, you'll find lots of other printable coloring pages, geared to many age groups.

Toddlers, pre-schoolers, kindergartners and tweens will all find coloring pages to their liking. For the youngest artists, you can choose from paint-by-number or connect-the-dots coloring pages.

Different subjects relating to the holidays range from Christmas stockings (stuffed with goodies), to pictures of Santa, his reindeer, snowmen, holiday lights, cute gingerbread men, children riding sleighs, tree ornaments and presents under the tree; in fact, just about everything you can think of that says 'Christmas!'

These Christmas tree coloring pages are also available in religious settings, depicting the Nativity, the Wise Men and such.

In addition, you'll find printable coloring pages with popular cartoons and fantasy themes, such as Disney's Tangled Rapunzel doll and castle, and other princesses.

Besides the coloring pages, websites offering this service usually have puzzles, games and other kid-oriented activities that kids love to spend time playing with, while you attend to the holiday doings.

So you can see that keeping the whole family occupied with activities that get that Christmas spirit going is easier than you might have thought.

The fact that these types of Christmas tree coloring pages are free is certainly an enticement, too.

When finished, the kid's works of art can be tacked or taped to their walls and other strategic places around your home where their work can be fully appreciated throughout the holiday season. Have a very Merry Christmas!

Kids Love to Help With Christmas!

Each year parents get totally overwhelmed during the holiday season. Why not let your kids help with Christmas?

How overwhelmed you become depends on how much you do each year, but even minimalists can find that they do not have time to get everything done that they want to do. That's where letting the kids help out comes in.

Remember that this is a magical holiday for them and if you let them help with Christmas chores that you have on your list, you are building traditions with them that they will use for a lifetime and will always remember.

One thing your kids can do to help with Christmas is to help you with your Christmas baking. What they can do depends on their age, but almost any child can help.

If they are younger, you can bake cookies and allow them to add the icing or the decorations to the cookies. They may get messy and your cookies won't be perfect, but that will make them more special.

If they are older, you can introduce them to baking and they can help with mixing ingredients and anything else you think they can do safely. They can even help you pick out what type of cookies you want to make.

You can keep them busy if you let them help with Christmas decorations to put around the house. You can buy plain wreaths and allow them to add the decorations. You can hang these around the home or you can give them as gifts.

They can also help you place decorations around the home or find a craft so that they can make a nativity scene or they can hang garland or plastic bulbs in their bedroom so that they have decorations of their own. If you have elderly neighbors, they can even go there to help with Christmas decorating.

You probably have a lot of gifts to wrap. Children can help with Christmas by wrapping some of the gifts that you have to give to your family members. They will love wrapping up what you have chosen for grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

If you want some wrapped nicely, as for coworkers, you can do those on your own. However, with a little instruction and some practice, your kids can do a pretty good job. They can wrap some in plain brown paper and then decorate them for their own friends too.

Remember that though Christmas is for the family, your children will believe it to be an even more special time if they are allowed to help with Christmas chores and traditions.

Let them wet the envelopes to mail out the Christmas cards or allow them to help you choose what color bulbs to put on the tree this year. They will feel special and more involved, which makes for a happier and closer family.

Some children are too young to help, but even older children that seem distracted with their cell phone or video game can be coaxed into helping. They may groan, but inwardly they love it.

4 Ways For Kids To Earn Money

Children need to be taught how to be independent at an early age. This will help them to be self sufficient and they can even increase their own allowances without depending on their parents.

However, due to the culture in many homes, parents want to shield their children from the ups and downs faced by the working community and as a result, most children do not know how it feels to make some buck.

When a parent decides to let the children do something for themselves, it is important to look at the options available. This will help them to monitor their childrens activities because they might be corrupted by other workers, the environment or the type of work.

Baby sitting is one of the viable options especially for the young girls. It does not involve a lot of work and the baby sitter may also end up learning a lot from this activity.

This is one of the ways for kids to earn money that is in great demand especially in the urban centers. When the baby sitter is around, the mother can go about other activities even outside the house.

The baby sitter is supposed to keep the child or children busy throughout the session. Some of the parents require the baby sitter to watch the young ones until they fall asleep, give them meals and snacks or even take them out to the park. The cash from this venture is handsome.

For the young boys, washing cars is one of the ways for kids to earn money especially during the school holidays. Two or more boys can look for the materials like soap and dusters and walk around the neighborhood washing the cars. The best place to start is with the parents’ cars because they are sure to put in a good word in the neighborhood.

If the children find this very involving, they can look for opportunities as pet walkers or groomers. This is the best choice if the children love pets or they have a few of them already.

They can organize a day to groom the neighborhood pets. If the sun is up during the holiday, the children can put up a lemonade business at the gate. This venture does not involve a huge capital and the parents can provide the opening capital.

This will help the kids to get cups, lemons and the tables. If all these items are available in the house, they can use the kitchen to make the drinks, store them in the fridge and only take them out when the sun is up and there are many customers in the neighborhood.

When thinking of any of these ventures, the child or the parent can find out what other children in the neighborhood are doing because for some of the activities, it might be necessary to pool resources, energy and intelligence.