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Family Christmas Traditions to Start With Your Family

We have so many family Christmas traditions, it is hard to remember them all at times. But one thing I have come to realize over the years is that they are very important.

These are the episodes from our lives that we will always remember and that help keep family bonds strong.

One of our oldest family Christmas traditions involves the reading of the story of the birth of Jesus from the book of Luke each year. We have done this from the time that I was a little boy, and I always look forward to this with great anticipation.

I want for my children to understand the real reason for Christmas, and it does my heart good to see them get excited about it as well. It is one of those family Christmas traditions that I introduced to my wife, and we have incorporated it into our yearly calendar.

One of the other great family traditions from my household is a yearly Christmas Eve potluck dinner.

Each year on Christmas Eve, we all get together and everyone makes a dish for a big potluck dinner we all enjoy. It is a great experience and opportunity for relatives who have not seen or heard from each other in years to catch up.

We always have a great time with it because the amount of good food present is always incredible, and we all know that we will have a great time.

When my wife and I first met, she informed me that one of her family Christmas traditions was to allow everyone to open up one present on Christmas Eve.

We had never done that in our family, but marriage is about compromise, and what I soon discovered was that it helped take the edge off of our children's excitement for Christmas day.

The way that I look at is that Christmas day is the big feast that is about an hour away, and Christmas Eve is the snack until that day arrives!

Another of our family Christmas traditions is the reading of the Dickens classic “A Christmas Carol.”

This, too, was something that originated in my family and that carried over to our family today. This is one that my children also enjoy because they both love to read.

Family Christmas traditions mean so much and play such an important role in helping a family bond during the holiday season.

My wife and are always looking at activities we can do around that time to make it extra special for our kids, and we are open to incorporating them into our regular traditions in hopes that our children will pass them on to their children some day.

Here Are Ideas For Christmas Traditions

If you are young and out on your own for the first time, or are newly married and living on your own with your new spouse, you probably have Christmas traditions that you want to do with your family.

However, you may want to come up with ideas for Christmas traditions on your own that are unique to you and your children, if you have any.

There are plenty of things that you can do, and you will find over the years that you can come up with those things without really thinking about it. Traditions become what they are because they fit a life you are living.

When you need some ideas for Christmas traditions, you can always borrow from what you did with your family. This is what most people do and then they end up coming up with some of their own.

Some families like to allow children to open up one gift on Christmas Eve, leaving the rest for the next morning. This is a fun tradition because it helps contain at least a little of the excitement a child feels on the night before Christmas.

Gifts for teenagers can usually wait until the next day and they are cool with that. After all, they are "grown up" not babies as they will quickly point out.

You can do this if you are in a couple as well. Give each other one small gift the night before and then share that with your kids if you choose to have them one day.

Some ideas for Christmas traditions can do with food. Some people make sweets to give out each year, which can be a tradition that you share with others.

If you have children, they can help with the baking when they are old enough and they can also help you pass out what you have created.

You can also come up with a special breakfast that you like to have in the morning on Christmas, as the rest of the day is probably planned out well in advance. Some like to have something like cinnamon rolls or cinnamon toast as a light meal to start the holiday.

Your traditions can be about what you do before the big day. You may want to find ideas for Christmas traditions that happen well before the holiday. You can choose one day when you devote that day to putting up the tree, filling out cards, and decorating the house.

This can be the same day each year. This is a day when you put everything else aside to ready your home for the holidays to come. You can also have a day that you choose to go shopping with someone special each year.

Traditions do not have to be complicated to be important. Just do them each year.

Lastly, don't forget about ideas for Christmas traditions that relate to your kids. If your children have something to look forward to each year, it helps them stay calm around the exciting holidays.

This could be something like a day when they shop and wrap, or goodies that they make on their own. Perhaps they are in charge of Christmas cards each year.

Whatever the case, these things help them with the holiday spirit and also make them feel like they are an important part of the family. These may be traditions that they carry on when they have kids of their own.