Secrets to Balancing Work and Family

Woman at home with daughter
Balancing work and family can be quite the tightrope act.

Women have to possess versatile skill sets to get anywhere in this world. They have to know how to keep house very well, how to be a wife, how to be a mom, a friend, daughter, sister, and a super employee.

And unlike men, they can't just phone it in with these jobs. They have perform nearly flawlessly in each one of them.

Of course, it's nearly impossible to do all of this very well. Usually, something suffers in the mix. Usually, it's the job that has to take sacrifices and compromises.

Here's what you need to do to make sure that when balancing work and family, you don't let a few work-related balls just drop

The first thing you want to do is to promise to yourself that you will never, ever discuss family at the job. Not with anyone!

The moment anyone gets wind of how you’re planning for a baby or how your husband has a promotion or anything, they start thinking right away about how you might quit your job. You'll find fewer promotions coming your way.

To make sure that you have your boss’s attention in what you doing for the job, do discuss any career-furthering education you have planned with your boss.

This will make sure that the higher-ups know that you’re serious about your job, and they can give you good advice on what kind of course exactly you should go for, for the best opportunities within the company.

But all of this is about making sure that as you’re balancing work and family, your efforts aren't frustrated or wasted in any way. An important part of achieving that balance comes down to what you do for a fair deal right at home.

Women have all these responsibilities to take care of. As such, they'll often do a lot better when they work at certain jobs that give them a lot of free time – a teacher’s job for instance.

Most women, when they think of how to handle housework when they have a busy schedule, often only think of getting an equal contribution from their husband and children.

While plans like this certainly make all the sense in the world, often, they just don't work out.

Husbands can often be either unwilling to help or they just may not have the time. In this case, one shouldn't have to feel like it all falls to them now. If you could spend $200 a week on getting outside help, it could really lighten your burden.

Perhaps women suffer when balancing work and family the most because they just happen to be too caring.

When the husband or child or a  friend comes in with a demand on their time, they just don't know how to turn them down. Learning this one skill alone can make a huge difference.

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