Homemade Christmas Cards That Warm The Heart

I learned a few years back that homemade Christmas cards can mean the most. My wife and I always buy enough Christmas cards for all of our family members and friends, and that includes our children's friends.

While our children are always welcome to use our cards, they rarely do, and my daughter in particular flat-out refuses...

...She makes all of her cards by hand! We have a daughter who likes to express her feelings toward the people that she loves and cares about by using her artistic talents.

She always buys a bunch of construction paper and little crafts to make her homemade Christmas cards each year, and a lot of work goes into making them. She goes into her room, and for about a week, we don't see much of her!

She tries to personalize each of her homemade Christmas cards for all of her family members and friends.

With me, for instance, she knows that I love football. She makes it a point to place different football-related items and stickers all over the card.

She also makes it a point to draw the logo of my favorite team on the card and write something very sweet and touching. It is amazing, and it means so much.

For my wife, my daughter always incorporates flowers into her homemade Christmas cards.

My wife has quite the green thumb, and my daughter works very diligently to replicate all of the flowers she grew in our garden from the previous spring.

I distinctly remember asking her one year if it would not be easier to buy a sticker with a bunch of flowers on it and save herself a lot of time. The look she gave me helped me to understand that my question was absurd and that I should drop the subject entirely!

My son has always liked to play video games, and my daughter made him a card this year that included several of his favorite characters from games. He was so touched by her effort that he actually gave her a hug.

My wife and I could not believe it! I have to say, one of the sweetest things to see is a 12-year old boy hugging his eight-year-old sister.

Homemade Christmas cards sometimes mean more than store-bought cards, especially if the type of thought and effort is put into it that my daughter does. It means so much for her to be able to do that for everyone, and I think that because it does, it means a lot to other people, as well.

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