Tips For Finding Summer Camp For Kids

Summer camp for kids is more popular today than any other time. According to the American Camps Association, there are about 8000 sleep-away programs around the country that you can choose for your children and nearly an equal number of day camps.

With thousands of options to choose from, it can be quite difficult to make your mind up as a parent. How do you decide which camp to send your child to?

For starters, you can determine to only send your kids to a place that is accredited by the American Camp Association.

For accreditation, the Association judges each place on 300 counts. All you only need to do is to go to their website and find an accredited program.

You’ll know which are the best around. They've only approved of a couple of thousand so far among the thousands there are across the country.

To decide on a summer camp for kids in the family, first check out the database of the KidsCamps website that tells you where each camp is and what it offers.

Once you've narrowed it down to a few, you can call the director of the camp and talk to him. Ask about whether they do background checks on their staff for any kind of criminal tendencies.

You may want to run your own Instant Background Checks which includes criminal background checks and much more!

Also ask about how many campers they take on each season.You're looking for a place that's well staffed. About one camp staff member for 10 older campers isn't a bad idea.

If it's a camp for very little children, a lower ratio would be nice – about one staffer for every five kids would be perfectly acceptable.

Try to ask the camp director if he can cite any references in your town – people whom you can call in your town to ask about their experience.

If you really want to outsource the process of picking the right summer camp for kids in your family, try a camp advisory service. You'll find them advertising in your local papers or the online Yellow Pages.

These are little family operations that are free. They maintain information about hundreds of summer camps for kids around the country and the world and you can find out with them what camps are the safest and the best.

So how do these places make money, you ask? When they refer you to a camp, the camp pays them. Of course, that opens this up to all kinds of abuse. For the most part though, they manage to stay clean.

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