These Disney DVD Movies Certain to Entertain Your Children

My wife and I are always looking for ways for our children to entertain themselves. We have found that Disney DVD movies are almost always a popular choice.

We like for them to go outside, and we certainly prefer for them to spend most of their free time outdoors, but there are those times when it is rainy, too hot or too cold, and they just want to watch some television or a movie.

When we first got married and realized we wanted to start a family, we decided to go out and buy a boat load of Disney DVD movies that we knew our children would like.

We bought such movies as “Beauty and the Beast,” “Lady and the Tramp” and many more that we both watched as children and absolutely loved.

We knew that we were playing it smart, because there is just something about Disney DVD movies that make you feel good inside.

As our children have grown up, we practically raised them on Disney DVD movies for a number of reasons. They are good, clean movies where you really don't have to worry about what they are picking up.

Also, almost all of those movies have great messages to them from which kids learn how to behave and how to treat other people. There are a lot worse ways that a child can spend his or her time.

Then there is the fact that most Disney DVD movies are entertaining. I know, personally, that I can still watch any number of Disney movies and find myself engaged.

Perhaps it is the fact that I grew up on them as well and I am just feeling nostalgic, but I think it's more because most of those movies have really good story lines that keep the viewer's interest.

I talked to my daughter the other day because I was trying to get an idea of a good movie for her and her friends to watch during a slumber party. I asked her if she could think about it for a while and get back to me, and before I could leave the room, she already had her answer.

She and her friends wanted to watch “The Little Mermaid,” because of all the Disney DVD movies we own, this is her absolute favorite. What I like the most about it is that she had already planned on asking me if they could watch the movie.

Disney DVD movies are a great source of entertainment for young people and adults alike. My wife and I will always have our movie collection stocked full of them and I hope my children follow suit.

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