Dinosaur Toys For Christmas

Lately, my daughter has been asking for dinosaur toys, even though she has never shown an interest any other time in her life.

Fortunately, the ones she wants don’t cost that much. They are made of a hard yet somewhat pliable material, and she loves to take them into her bath with her each night.

Most of them, for the most part, have cost me less than three dollars each, and they are very durable. They have survived drops down the stairs, soaks in the tub, and one was even run over by our car with very little damage. I was really surprised to find that a three dollar toy survived such damage.

Other dinosaur toys are more expensive, but the look in her eyes when she sees them advertised on TV tells me that they will be worth the cost this Christmas.

There are some that are automated, and there are some that are huge and stuffed. She doesn't seem that impressed by the popular Fisher Price dinosaurs like T-Rex.

I guess if she wants to get a few dinosaur toys for Christmas and she plays with them as much as she plays with the ones that she already has, it will be a good investment. Though I haven’t really found anything educational yet, I am still looking.

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