Best Advice For Parents?

Everyone seems to have opinions on how to raise children, even if they don’t have kids of their own. You will find advice for parents as readily available as your next door neighbor. Though, I might suggest the self-help aisle of any book shop as a better alternative.

With all the responsibilities of parenthood, it's easy to sometimes feel overwhelmed and somewhat helpless when it comes to resolving some parental-child issue. Such issues can arise many times in a single day, especially if you have more than one child!

You may want to call a friend to get their take and perhaps even a few ideas on how to deal with the situation. If you have a religious adviser, good friend or a sibling, whom you trust and feel comfortable with, give them a call.

The problem arises when you consider that while all friends and family mean well, you'll get a range of solutions in the form of advice for parents. How are you able to tell the good from the not-so-good advice?

The short answer is that it's difficult, at best. Parents aren't usually shocked to discover that there's no instruction book for good parenting. What may prove shocking is the discovery that, over time, you'll encounter the most amazing situations as a parent.

As with any advice, you must always consider the source. For example, you may have a good friend who has all kinds of discipline problems with her own kids. Your Mom probably has the inside scoop on the results of varied strategies on child-rearing, having raised you.

However, your parenting style may be completely different, so it may prove difficult to apply her specific advice to your family. OK, so you've got Mom's best advice for parents. Now what?

Today, most communities have various of organizations dedicated to the healthy upbringing of kids. There is help addressing a variety of parenting problems, from substance abuse to obesity. These organizations generally put out pamphlets and newsletters that can provide helpful advice for parents.

Another source of information can be found in self help books online. There are literally thousands of self help books available on the subject of parenting a child.

If you browse through the bookstore selections, say on or Barnes and, you'll find that each author has a program to follow. This is not necessarily a negative thing, but nonetheless based on a list of premises with which you may or may not agree.

If you have ever watched Super Nanny on TV, you may have found that you agree with some of the solutions and others you would not implement with your children.

So, it may take some time, but can be worthwhile in finding advice for parents you can use. Reading reviews of a number of different books, available in online book shops, will give you a general flavor of that particular expert's style as a parental advisor. When you find an author whose basic concepts are inline with yours, give that book a shot.

In the end, the decisions lie with you. When you make a practice of talking with other parents on general child raising issues, you'll come to feel more confident in your own judgment and less dependent on others to solve even the knottiest of situations.

There are a few words of advice for parents that you've likely heard before, but are still worth mentioning. That is, if you give your children love and time, you may get a few gray hair along the way, but you will do fine.

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